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We chose a modern contemporary Benin Bronze cast as the most appropriate design solution for this award. The design of the presentation piece must be strong enough to enable it to become a clearly identifiable public symbol of the Laurajane Smith Founder’s Award. The physical presence of this piece should reflect the meaning and significance of the award. It must also be an elegant object; one which is distinctive, unique, yet easily recognizable. We believe the Benin Bronze cast best meets these goals. The Benin Bronze Cast elicits immediate recognition, and evokes the shared cultural symbols of truth and hardwork. The Bronze cast Profile in xxxxx is a timeless symbol of dedication and a very special tribute to LauraJane Smith who inspires this award.

PROFILES IN CRITICAL HERITAGE DISCOURSE AWARD, that individuals working to promote and bridge the gaps in heritage discourse is one who is truly dedicated to the equity discourse of heritage. More specifically, the 14 tribes of Galway and including a 15th tribe of Galway (Diasporians and Immigrants) — embossed in a Shamrock — is chosen in homage to all the Galwagians that continue to be custodians of Galway County and Ireland as whole. The design is modelled after the legacy of the Galway Tribes. Recognising the Patron Saint Patrick of both Ireland and Nigeria. The Love of Guinness in both countries. The text etched on an additional certificate is an identification of the purpose of the awards, and a dedication to its recipients