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Code Of Conduct

ACHS 2024 warmly welcomes all participants. This event brings people together from different parts of the world and for this reason it is very important to recognize our diversity in terms of age, gender, marital status, maternity, handicaps, race (including colour, nationality, and tribe or ethnic origin), religion, beliefs, and sexual orientation

ACHS 2024 Galway, Ireland seeks to establish a safe, inclusive, professional, and respectful space for everyone in attendance; a space free from discrimination, antisocial attitudes and other behaviours that threaten the dignity of our participants. We are convinced that a healthy environment of collaboration and respect, will allow the conference to run smoothly and, above all, will lead to a positive experience and stay for all attendees.

If you experience or witness discrimination or any infraction of this code of conduct, we
remind you to report it confidentially to the conference organisers either in person or via
Email: and


We hope that everyone will respect this code of conduct. If the conference organisers are faced with any infractions or out of line behaviour, it will contact those involved and, if the size or repeated nature of said infraction warrants, it will ask for their immediate departure from the conference

Likewise, it is important to take note that we follow the regulations of our hosting institution, University of Galway, Ireland, and require all participants to do so as well. Rule and Regulations
Thank you for helping us make this conference safe and trustworthy for everyone.