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The ACHS 2024 Conference- Galway, Ireland will be held in person. Please keep this in
mind when you submit your abstract.

To participate in the conference, you must be an active member of the Association of Critical
Heritage Studies, in addition to the cost of event registration. Membership is annual and
expires at the end of December each year.

We invite you to participate in our conference with the overarching theme of Custodianship/Coimirce. If you would like to attend as a presenter, please send an abstract of your presentation connected to Custodianship/Coimirce and one of the 5 dispositions that structure the conference. Additionally, you will need to attach an information sheet with details of your name, email, institutional affiliation, title of your presentation, and the modality to which you are applying. If you want to speak in your language, please include the language in which you would like to participate on the information sheet.
The following characteristics will be most sought after in terms of presentation selection: originality/novelty, contribution to the field of study, and relevance to the concept of Custodianship/Coimirce and the 5 dispositions of Sense of self, Belonging, Potency, Continuance and Responsibility.

The 7th ACHS Conference 2024 will accept 400 presenters and coordinators in a variety of
modalities. We would like to prioritise in-person participation; while this may limit our physical
spaces due to sanitary measures, it will allow us to interact in a more personalised way.

The organisers seek to bring to the fore a different medium of presentation styles, paper style submission and participant content interaction using Social Media trends. The aim is to engage members differently using mediums that are more accessible while our team is committed to creating and sustaining a positive, stimulating and supportive environment and an excellent learning and research experience. We strongly value diversity and aim to create an environment and culture where everyone feels equally valued and respected and diversity is celebrated. We want to create an enabling environment for conference delegates to achieve their full potential, to contribute fully, and to derive maximum benefit and enjoyment from their involvement in the conference. We recognise that equality, diversity and inclusion is fundamental to a successful conference and that these principles will enable us to achieve inclusive outcomes. Our goal is to create and nurture an environment based on fairness, equality, cultural diversity, inclusion and respect.

The registration process will be on the 6th April 2023. Regarding inquiries about visa
processes and covid entry requirements, we suggest you consult the embassies or
consulates of your country. Each situation varies according to the country of origin.